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The Fab'RH Savoie workshops

Fab ' RH  Savoie offers all those involved in employment and integration in Savoie workshops to experiment and share new approaches around employment:  

- Sourcing of inclusive businesses

- E-recruitment / recruitment 2.0

- Employer brand

- Numeric identity 

- Positioning test.


NB: The dates of the workshops will be open  depending on the number of pre-registrations . Cliq uez on  pre-register button and add  your name in the spreadsheet.

From 5 people a date will be offered to registrants

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Digital identity and professional social networks
Les ateliers Fab'RH Savoie.jpg
  • What is a professional social network  ?
  • Why and how to engage your professional network  on LinkedIn?
  • The main HR issues around professional social networks 
  • Update your digital identity on Fab'RH Savoie 

  • Why develop your digital identity on LinkedIn?
  • Communication rules on social networks
  • The main steps to get started on LinkedIn
  • How to become an "ambassador" of your company?
  • The main tools on LinkedIn (group, page, sub page, sourcing ...)
  • ... 
identité numérique
Employment and integration measures (understanding & evaluation)
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  • What are the employment systems in Savoie?
  • What are the integration measures in Savoie?
  • How do I quickly find a device?
  • Evaluate the interest of existing systems
  • Update an existing device on Fab'RH Savoie
  • Add a device on Fab'RH Savoie
  • Promote an employment or integration scheme
  • Propose measures in line with the needs of the territory 
Social innovation:  candidate digital business cards
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  • Why an insertion map library?
  • The content of the business card for the employer
  • The content of the business card for insertion officers
  • Information to have  before completing the form: 
    • LinKedIn Profile
    • CV Doyoubuzz
    • Profile Prismo
  • Participate in the evolutions of the digital card:
    • Job center profile (transversal skills)
    • Video CV 
Sourcing tools for "candidates and employers"
Les ateliers Fab'RH Savoie.jpg
  • How to find a business?
  • How to identify an inclusive business?
  • How to find a contact in a company?
  • How to find a person via his position or his profession?
  • How to find an internship ?
  • how to find a funded training action?
  • How to find an integration structure?
  • How to find a person's email or tel?
  • How to find accommodation?
  • ...
Positioning, orientation and motivation tools
Les ateliers Fab'RH Savoie.jpg
  • Identify the motivations of a candidate 
  • Identify cognitive preferences 
  • Test the motivations of a candidate in 10 minutes
  • Evaluate a person's capacity for autonomy
  • Present digital guidance assistance tools
  • Take a candidate for a "general public" personality test
  • Work your presentation on the basis of the results
Test CCP
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