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#Value your journey  professional

During my support for job seekers, I realized that I was lacking the tools to help them effectively in their search.   Being a professional developer, I therefore created  MesCompétences, a web application accessible to all job seekers and volunteers or professionals to help job seekers to:

  • identify their skills

  • find jobs that need these skills and that are recruiting

  • identify avenues for research in these professions (offers and companies)

Working with several hands on the application is facilitated, for a concrete collaboration between job seeker and accompanying persons.

1- Help with the construction of the " Orientation " project

(Avenria, Eva, Diagoriente, career GPS ...)   

2- Professional positioning assistance " Evaluation "

(Prismo, C3P-O, Profiscan, Monkey Tie ...)

3- Social " Social " support 

(Socialp, Tremplin 73, Id'EES Interim ...)  

4- Employment assistance " Employment "

(Rhône-Alpes Pass, MRS, PMSMP, IOD Method ...) 

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