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discover the LuPIN course

Fun, Useful and Professional Course on Digital Identity

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BRSA, DELD, Jeunes, Sénior, RQTH and if you finally change your identity 

  • Low-skilled young people who have left the school system

  • Long-term job seekers ( DELD ),

  • Job seeker recognized as disabled worker ( RQTH )

  • Beneficiaries of the active solidarity income ( BRSA )

  • Followed by a structure for integration through economic activity ( SIAE )

  • A senior in professional reconversion of +50 years 

Become  Off.Com and discover the LUPINE course. This fun and professional course offers workshops on Smartphones to introduce you to job search and the use of a social network for employment.

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LUPINE course

Develop your digital identity


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Les prescripteurs 

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