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discover the LuPIN course

Fun, Useful and Professional Course on Digital Identity

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BRSA, DELD, Jeunes, Sénior, RQTH and if you finally change your identity 

  • Low-skilled young people who have left the school system

  • Long-term job seekers ( DELD ),

  • Job seeker recognized as disabled worker ( RQTH )

  • Beneficiaries of the active solidarity income ( BRSA )

  • Followed by a structure for integration through economic activity ( SIAE )

  • A senior in professional reconversion of +50 years 

Become  Off.Com and discover the LUPINE course. This fun and professional course offers workshops on Smartphones to introduce you to job search and the use of a social network for employment.

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At the end of this collective course (max 6 people) you should have:

  • A good knowledge of you  through the realization of professional aptitude and motivation tests (C3P-O, disc by PRISMO, MBTI ...) 

  • An online presentation of your profile and project on different media ( Fab'RH Savoie, LinkedIn, online CV, Motivational video,, Jenesuispasuncv ...) 

  • Better mastery of job search tools (Chrome, Space by Wix on Fab'RH Savoie, LinkedIn Group, aggregators, Mémo, Clara ...)

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LUPINE course

Develop your digital identity


Mobile management (3h)

- Create a folder with Google applications and Jobs on your smartphone

- Switch your Gmail account to ( pro ) mode (name first name / photo / info ...)

- Create a Fab'RH Savoie folder with shortcuts on the home screen 

- Download and use the Space By Wix application ( social network, job offers, chat ...)

- Use the voice function (note taking, appointment setting, dictation ...)

- Save and share your files on Drive (CV, Cover letter ...)

- Copy the roadmap to your Drive and share it with your referent

- Find out how to use " My Job in Savoie " 

Knowing how to present yourself in digital formats

-Test and enhance your behavioral skills (MBTI, Disc, C3P-O) 

- Make a summary of yourself on Fab'RH Savoie ( Who are you? What is your project? Name a memorable experience for you? What do you expect from a future employer?

- Test the motivation video ​

- Create a LinkedIn account (summary, experience and training)

- Transform your LinKedin profile into a CV (NTNE, Drive,, Prismo ...) 

- Add your CV on Pôle Emploi and Doyoubuzz

Smartphone job search

- Add your profile to your Gmail signature

- Find a company with the resources of Fab'RH Savoie

- Submit a spontaneous application

- Find a company for a period of immersion

- Search for a job offer in shortage jobs

- Respond to a job offer found on

- Follow up on your offers on a task management tool or on MEMO



Pour être inscrit à cet atelier rapprochez-vous de votre conseiller emploi ou référent insertion (Pôle Emploi, MLJ, E2C73, Cap Emploi...).

Vous pouvez également nous écrire directement sur

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