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Coronavirus: All FAQs
& Practical information
"State  / Region  / Department / Consular Chamber / Federation " 

Updated on 7  April  2020

French government

impot gouv.jpg

The government has  set up a FAQ for the Fund  of solidarity. It is aimed at traders, craftsmen, liberal professions and other economic agents, whatever their status (company, individual entrepreneur, association, etc.) and their tax and social regime (including micro-entrepreneurs). Questions are updated regularly

Phone :  0 810 467 687

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French government

gouvernement covid 19.jpg

The government has  set up a dedicated page for all information relating to the Coronavirus, whether it is current events, essential information, barrier gestures and of course questions / answers.   Thereby  only videos and infographics  

or summary PDFs

Coronavirus phone:  0 800 130 000.

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Mail to the Prime Minister

Economy Government

economie gouv.jpg

The portal has made available a dynamic FAQ to present the support measures, the conduct to be adopted, employment solutions, tools for your invoices and charges, financing solutions, contact points .

Coronavirus phone: 08 06 000 126

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In order to take into account the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on economic activity, the Urssaf network is taking exceptional measures to support businesses and self-employed workers. In this context, it offers an FAQ: by target (company, Autoentrepreneur, artist, broadcaster, individual ...

Coronavirus phone: 3957 

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Public investment bank

bpi france.jpg

To support companies whose activity is impacted by the coronavirus, Bpifrance has put in place a series of measures and dedicated access to inform and guide them to deal with their cash flow problems (granting or extending guarantees, reorganizing loans, provision of cash ...

Coronavirus phone:  0 969 370 240

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The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

la region ARA.png

These Coronavirus-themed Frequently Asked Questions are updated as needed. We will answer on this page your questions concerning the area of responsibility of the Region regarding Covid19. As well as a list of emergency measures ->

Coronavirus phone: 0 805 38 38 69

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Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Companies


The Regional Economic Agency brings together the first information, advice and useful contacts, provided by the services of the State and of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, to guide and facilitate your efforts in the face of the current health situation: professional / personal life , teleworking, travel, economic impact for companies, administrative and financial measures ...

Coronavirus phone: 0 805 38 38 69

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 Form  Covid  19

Department  from Savoy


Hervé Gaymard, President of the Department, the Departmental Advisors, like all community agents, are mobilized in the face of the unprecedented health and epidemic crisis affecting our country.

Coronavirus phone: 04 79 96 73 73

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see emails according to your location 

Employment center


Pôle emploi has grouped together all the questions around the allowance  unemployment and partial activity:  What is the link between partial activity and unemployment benefit?  I accumulated my salary and my unemployment benefit. could I combine my allowance with the partial activity allowance?

Candidate phone  : 3949 / Employer 3995

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No dedicated email currently

The chamber of trades and crafts

logo CMA .jpg

The CMA Savoie offers a dedicated page where are presented the support measures for companies & useful contacts to deal with the  Coronavirus. Possibility to retrieve the FAQ in PDF format

Coronavirus phone: 04 79 69 94 00

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The Chamber of Commerce 

cci coronavirus.jpg

The CCI is mobilized and offers a complete file dedicated to companies to face the difficult situations caused by the Coronavirus (principle and economic measures, questions / answers and practical cases ...

Coronavirus phone: 04 57 73 73 73

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medef savoie.jpg

MEDEF Savoie offers a summary of the measures taken by the state, the region or the work department (legislative, travel, work, health, etc.). As well as a note on short-time working to download  By clicking on learn more you will be redirected to the latest news

Coronavirus phone: 04 79 26 85 28

Info recap

French Building Federation


The French building federation to publish in PDF a very practical guide for construction companies. The information disseminated by this document is likely to be updated according to government communications. As well as a special online issue on March 28

Coronavirus phone: 

see the mags


andrh savoie.jpg

Given the news on the coronavirus, the National Association of HRDs (ANDRH) offers an update on the HR measures to be taken and / or to be planned!   What recommendations to apply? What obligations for the employer and the employee?   By making various documents available ( replay , memo , reminder of rights and obligations, etc.)

Coronavirus phone: 01 56 88 18 28

See on the website

Order  accountants

ordre des experts comptable.jpg

Accountants are fully mobilized to provide answers as quickly as possible to their clients impacted by the health crisis. They provide the general public with tools on measures and support systems for companies and their employees. (ex: file assembly assistance,   online files)

Coronavirus phone: 01 44 15 60 00

See on the website

Individual Employer

particulier employeur.jpg

Faced with the major health crisis facing the Nation, FEPEM has mobilized  to defend your interests.  One of  Priorities consist in guaranteeing the continuity of service of childminders and employees of the private employer, in particular with our elders and the most vulnerable, in order to avoid breaks in support.

Phone info: 0825 07 64 64 

See on the website

FAQ & Practical Info: SIAE, ESS ...

Fab'RH Savoie & USIE 73

Fab'RH Savoie & Usie 73.jpg

USIE  73  &  Fab'RH  Savoy  are  mobilized  to answer your  questions and access all the useful information to deal with the  Coronavirus you will find a complete FAQ  and supports  practice

Coronavirus phone: 07 83 72 34 67

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Ministry of Transition


the  High Commission for Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation provides the ESS - Covid-19 Liaison Unit in a shared DRIVE summary of measures by ministry and organization 

Coronavirus phone: 08 06 000 126


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Inclusion portal


The State Startup “Inclusion Portal” which aims to develop and bring to life a digital platform in order to simplify the lives of those involved in inclusion (IAE, EA, etc.), offers questions on its forums types around the needs of ESIS vis-à-vis the Coronavirus. See the FAQ in PDF

Coronavirus phone: 08 06 000 126


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Coorace is mobilizing for social and territorial utility companies to protect themselves  as well as their employees. To help them, she put in PDF a  Useful checklist  of Crisis Covid -19

Coronavirus phone: 01 49 23 70 50

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The French impact

le french impact.jpg

Find here all the mutual aid offers for companies, aid for all structures hit hard by the crisis. These solutions are primarily support or support for impact structures. They were the subject of a qualification by the French impact team before being published on this page, and have a national and territorial influence.

Coronavirus phone: Not communicated

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