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Employment & integration café

The feet in the plate

12 p.m.-12.30 p.m.

The context

Fab'RH Savoie's primary mission is to lead the “employment” and “employer” networks by promoting all forms of social innovation.

Although I can meet you and each other through the workshops that I lead ( candidate workshops / Ofcom; referral workshops; HR workshops for companies ... ) it is clear that the platform as a tool for exchange s 'proves insufficient. So it seemed important to me, at the start of the year, to offer you regular Visio meetings (Covid requires!) To facilitate this connection.  

This exchange time in Visio ( we saw it through the first feedback! )  allows, for some, to  keep a dynamic in their job search and for others to give some of their time to answer questions or share current events.

The game's rules

You come and go when you want! It's open bar with us! You can arrive at 12 p.m. and leave at 12.10 p.m. No formalism when you open the door and therefore no longer need to say: "sorry I'm late ..." a simple "hello everyone" is enough. No obligation to activate your camera (for those who are in a dressing gown!)

No need, for the moment, to download Team, Zoom or Google Meet. We will leave on a simple link: which will always be the same unless the service is not there.

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The typical menu

to facilitate our exchanges

In the program  


When you are invited to join the Visio, indicate your Last Name First Name and in brackets your status within Fab'RH Savoie (ofcom, employer, referent or innovation partner) . Nothing prevents you from subsequently completing the name of your structure. See example above.

Subsequently we propose to punctuate the exchanges several times:  

  1. A round table presentation (5 min)

  2. An update on the needs of ofcom  (contacts, job offers, training, social assistance ...) (5 min)

  3. An update on employment and training news (agenda, workshops, ongoing training, etc.)  (5 mins)

  4. One or two news in Savoie (employment, social economy, human resources (5 min)

  5. An update on an innovation or a device present on the platform (5 min)

  6. We end on a point that is debated between the different actors 

Use the formula in your network

You find the formula interesting and you want within your respective networks (employment, employers or integration) to use the formula.  We provide you with a presentation that you can use in screen sharing.